Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our First Baby Shower

Hey everyone!! Well, Scott and I had our first baby shower on Monday. It was Scott's very first baby shower to be a part of! :) It was given by Scott's co-workers and the people from Scott's office were there, so boys and girls were allowed to come :). Thanks to Marjorie Lee and Dawn for hosting the shower!! It was wonderful! We had a great time eating yummy food and visiting with everyone there. We appreciate all the wonderful gifts we got!! Madi got some cute clothes, some very soft blankets, cute stuffed animals, her bath tub and some bath toys, and other great things!! Scott and I are so thankful for the time his co-workers took out of their busy day to help us celebrate our joy and we missed those that weren't able to be there because they were working! We will miss them all when we move to Charleston.

Happy daddy and mommy to be!
29 1/2 weeks
Just to clarify...the bassinet was just part of the decor. It worked very well with colors and all :)

Cute, yummy pedifores!!
Proud papa shows off some cute clothes for Madi :)

Oh yeah....Jimmie Johnson window shade!! hee hee. Thanks Jud!!!

Scott's office/co-workers

Monday, May 12, 2008


Hello!!! So, I thought today I'd update on how our house is coming along. We are so excited about the house we have being built! We got to see it again for the first time since our offer got accepted when we went the first weekend in May.

We drove for the first time so we would know what the drive was like and how long it takes to get there. It wasn't a bad drive at all. It's a long drive, but not bad. We were happy with that. Our trip only consisted of house planning this go round. We spent ALL day Friday with the interior decorator at the Design Center for Weiland homes that we have been talking to on the phone and by e-mail. When I say all day....I mean 9:30 that morning till 5 that afternoon with an hour lunch break!!! Who knew it takes that long to pick out all the details for a house!! :)

We enjoyed the day and the time we spent with Becky. She was great, helpful, and laughed at Scott's jokes and craziness :) She was very patient with us and for that we were greatful. I had no idea what all we would be doing. It's amazing all the stuff you get to pick out when you are building a house!! It was pretty neat. We picked out kitchen cabinets, countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms, knobs for cabinet doors, style door handles for closet doors, room doors etc, tile, hardwood, grout for between the tiles, staircase railings, wall colors, appliances, and MANY, MANY, MANY lights and fans!!!! We had to choose how we wanted the tile laid, and any decoartion tiles we wanted too. It doesn't sound like a lot when writing it down, but it's very tidious and time consuming. We are excited to see what the finished outcome will be. It's cool to know that when the house is done, it will be exactly what we wanted and picked out and not have to settle for what someone else has already done with the house.

It was a long day, but we were happy with the choices we made once it was all done. After that, we got to go check out the house again and see its progress. The house is really coming along at a great pace!! The area we are building in is going up FAST!!! There are houses going up all around now. They have sold very fast! I'm glad we found ours when we did!! :)

We still need prayers, though! We are very excited, but we still need our house to sell in Birmingham. I'm definitely learning patience right now from God! I know in His timing things will work out, but it's very scary and worrisome to have a contract on a house when your house hasn't sold yet. God is teaching me to continually rely on him, have faith, and give these worries over to him. Just keep us in your prayers as we make our way through this. Pray for the right people to be found to buy this house, and pray for our faith and patience as we get closer to the time our house is ready. Our house in Birmingham has only been on the market for about 2 months, and our house in Charleston isn't supposed to be ready till September, so we are not in a "time crunch" yet, but it's hard not to think about. Thanks for the prayer support!

So, here are some updated pics of our house...

The outside has been painted, and they were painting the trim when we were there

The will have a bar style countertop.

Family room

Master bedroom

Back of house with screen in Porch area
We can't wait to have visitors, so start thinking of planning a trip to Charleston!! :) We would love to show our friends around the city we are loving more each time we go there!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two Weeks Ago...

Hey Everyone!!! Sorry for the looooong delay in updates! We have been busy little bees these past couple of weeks, and then I forgot to update before I started work this week, so that has made this update even later!

Well, two weeks ago we went to the NASCAR race in Talladega. Yup, that's right...we love some racin'! We had a blast. Me, Scott, my parents, Scott's dad (Ron), and Scott's friend (Gregory) all went. This was Ron and Gregory's first Talladega experience!!! :) How exciting for them. It was definitely a new experience that neither of them had seen anything like before :) It was supposed to rain, so we were afraid that we wouldn't get the race in, but thankfully the weather held out and they got to have the WHOLE race day experience!

We got there early Sunday morning, walked around all morning taking in all the different people you will see there, shopped, and then headed into the track to get ready for the race. Everyone enjoyed the race....except for the end! None of our peeps won. We were all cheering for Jeff Gordon #24 or Jimmie Johnson #48. Afterwards, we hung out at the cars for a bit and ate some sandwhiches and snacks we had brought with us. We got to watch all the drunk rednecks fight to leave as soon as possible! :) No use in getting out in all the maddess too soon! We stayed until the rain finally came and then headed home.

It was a great time overall! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I think Gregory is gonna be a diehard NASCAR fan now after this experience! hee hee. He's already wanting to come to another race! Ron we might have to work on to become a "diehard" fan, but he enjoyed himself and all the different people that you'll see at an event like this! :)

Here are a few pics from our fun trip:

Ron getting into the Dega experience

Madi's first race! :) 26 1/2 weeks preggers!

Silly boys!

Go Jimmie!

Gregory and Melanie

Go Jeff!