Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some Good News to Tell!

Hey everyone!! Well, we have some exciting news to give! We got a contract on our house in B'ham on Sunday!! YAY! All praise be to God! It was a crazy exciting weekend for us. The guy who put in the offer just graduated from Auburn with his masters in business, and came to look at the house with his parents on Friday. It was funny cuz they scheduled the showing for 1100 on Friday and showed up at 1015 that morning! Eeks :) I had to grab the dogs, flip on the lights throughout the house, and get out of there quick :) The real estate agent was really nice and apologized for being early. Maybe it payed off that they say our cute little dogs and the Auburn collar on Bolus :) haha. Scott and I think it will be a perfect "bachelor pad" for him. They ended up staying at the house for an hour!! WOW! The guy put in his initial offer that evening and then the countering between everyone began :) What's even crazier is that the next day we ended up with 2 more showings on the house and both couples really liked the house also!! They would have put in offers, but one couple didn't want to make a "rash" decison and the other hadn't been preapproved, so neither wanted to put in an offer till later in the week. So, we ended up negotiating with this guy, and got everything settled pretty quickly after he found out there were other interested parties. We are way excited!

It's so neat to see how God worked in all this! We still have to go through inspection and more negotiations after that, so keep the prayers coming, but to see God work in this is amazing. Scott was starting to get real worried and the positivity he was trying to keep was getting harder for him. I just kept praying for positivity and strengh for us and God knew exactly when to put the right person in front of us! Even better is that we asked if we could hold closing till the beginning of August, and he agreed!!!! That means that we won't have to find a place to live here in B'ham for a month and no moving our things twice here in B'ham. I can stay in the house until and after Madilyn is born! WHAT A TRUE BLESSING!!!!! Madilyn will be able to have her 2 week check-up and then we will move to Charleston at the beginning of August. We are so blessed that this has worked this way and that we will not have to worry about where I will be living in July while I'm still here alone.

For those who may not know, Scott is having to go start work in Charleston at the beginning of July for a couple of weeks and then come back here for the baby to be born. I wanted to be here in B'ham to have Madilyn, so things are a bit back and forth. Scott has been very supportive of me staying here where I am comfortable, and for that I am truly lucky! He is wonderful! I just didn't want to be in a new place 9 months pregnant for someone I just met to deliver my first baby! :) We were concerned about where we/I would live depending on the sell of the house, and now that worry is gone! Thank you my Lord! It's so amazing to see how God is working this out each step of the way. I just smile each time I tell someone this story and I am smiling as I sit here and type this out to ya'll. PLEASE, keep the prayers coming in the weeks ahead as we go through inspection and more deals after that is done. We appreciate the many prayers that have been said already!! They are definitely working! :)

Oh, also, I had a check-up last Thursday. Madilyn is doing just fine!! Two weeks prior to that I had measured small, so Dr. Alten wanted to do an ultrasound this go round to make sure she was growing ok. Well, she definitely is!! :) According to the measurements of the ultrasound, she weighs 3 pounds 15 ounces right now. hee hee. How amazing this little life is! :) The first thing she said when she entered the room was, "So much for a small baby!" :) She expects her to be about 7 1/2 pounds when she is born. Dr. Alten says she "hides" in me very well cuz my stomach still measured small. I can tell you one thing though......I sure don't feel small by any means!!!!! haha. We are so thankful that she is growing just fine.

Well, I think that is all for now. I will keep you posted on updates of the sell of our house. Hope everyone has a good week!!

We love you!!