Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here are some pics from our fun-filled Dega day :) Don't worry.....we didn't take Madi with us....this time :) She stayed with my cousin, Bethany and my Aunt Bea and Uncle Bobby. My parents, Scott, me, Gregory, and his dad went to the race. The day of the race was also Madi's very first night to stay away from home!!!!!! I was so sad. She didn't care and had a blast with her Great Aunt and Uncle! I couldn't be more thankful for them letting her stay. When we left after the race, the traffic was so bad it took us forever to get home and by the time we made it to B'ham it was late and would've been even later once I got to pick Madi up, so I just let her be comfy sleeping. My Aunt and Uncle really enjoyed it too :)

Scott and his best friend Gregory gearing up for race day.

Scott LOVES finding all the mullet people! haha

My 'man' #24 Jeff Gordon :) -- he had a throw-back Pepsi paint scheme for the race.


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