Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello all! Madi turned 9 months old on April 24th and her her 9mon check up today since we were out-of-town last week. Dr. Graham put her in the "Pixie" Club today since she's so 'tiny' right now. haha. She weighed 16lb 10oz and was 27inches long. So, she was only 9th percentile for weight (heehee) and 23rd for height. It's funny that she's only 9th for weight, cuz the girl loves to eat all the time! Dr. Graham wasn't worried at all, just said that she's gonna be a petite little thing. We'll see how that changes as she gets older :)

So, since I've been back to work, Madi has been staying with Fran or Jessica if Scott's working. She has done wonderful with them! When I drop her off at Fran's in the mornings, she doesn't even cry, and she always talks about how wonderful she did all day. They go for stroller rides, play with their dog Sully, swing, and do all sorts of fun stuff. Jessica keeps her over here, and when I get home from work, I almost always here her squealing while playing....if they are not napping when I get there :) This has helped me tonz going back to work, knowing that she's happy and doing well while I'm gone. Again, we are lucky to have 2 such wonderful people to keep her on the days we both have to work!

Here are her milestones over the past month:

** Madi now uses her fingers to pick up her own snacks :) She has a good little pincer grasp. It's funny watching her concentrate on picking something up. She likes the gerber puffs and she likes biscuits too!

** Madi is walking well while holding onto our hands! She still LOVES, LOVES to walk, which my back does not LOVE, LOVE!! haha. I might be permanently bent over if Madi doesn't learn this walking thing by herself soon. haha. She still won't crawl, though, or try to crawl. Funny girl :)

** She pulled herself up to standing all by herself for the first time too! She was playing with her play table, had fallen down, and then pulled herself up while holding onto it. She put all she had into it! haha.

** Madi also now stands alone very well. She will stand for about 10 secs or so before she sits down or lunges for me :) She's so happy when she's standing there. It's like she knows she's doing something awesome! :)

** Oh, and last, Madi loves to drink from a straw!! She can down a drink with a straw! She can't use a sippy cup, but she learned how to use a straw in about 2 days! She loves to drink my water from my big insulated cup with the straw, and when we go out to dinner, she wants our drink with the straw. haha. Good thing I found sippy cups with straws! I'll just use these for now till we learn how to turn up a sippy cup :)

Well, I think that's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well!

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