Monday, May 11, 2009


YAY for Madi!!! She took her first steps today...2 to be exact :) Heehee. I'm so proud of her and so excited as a mommy :) I know soon I'll be wondering why I wanted her to walk so soon, but for now it's all excitement.

She has been walking holding our hands for about a month now. She refuses to crawl, so we have been working on the walking thing some cuz she gets so mad not being able to go anywhere :) She's been standing by herself, but then will just plop down. She had started to take steps, but would take one or two and then fall into us, so we didn't count those cuz she just lunges and falls. Today, though, she took 2 steps and stayed standing up!!!! She just smiled and smiled when Scott and I got so excited.

Ok, that's all. Just had to note the big accomplishment today :)

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