Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Trip to the Pool

Madi had her first pool experience today! We were really excited about taking her cuz she loves a bath so much, we figured she would like the pool. Well, she does!! :) She had the best time. We got her a float to sit in, and she just layed back and enjoyed the pool :) She's still a little small for the float, so we have to hold her bottom a little so she doesn't drink the pool, but she absolutely loved it. She loved to splash in the water too. She would squeal and kick while in the water. It was the cutest thing. I think I might have me a water baby on my hands! I don't have a swimsuit for her yet, but I'm gonna be out looking for one now :) heehee. It's gonna be hard to keep her out of the water as she gets older.

It's so nice to have the pool in the neighborhood! It's a really big pool. Lots of space, chairs, and tables, and the pool even has a slide for the kids! We will definitely be using this to our advantage, especially on those hot summer days!! :)

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