Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cruisin' On...

Well, it looks like it's a big time for Miss Madi right now!! Yesterday it was 2 steps. Today she has figured out that she can cruise along the furniture and get places! She will also transfer from the coffee table to the couch that's upstairs in the bonus room. They are pretty close together, but when you are small, it seems a little further apart! haha. She will hold the table with one hand and then look and look at the couch to decide if she can turn herself all the way to the couch. It's pretty cute. Lots of concentration involved!! haha. I had been standing her up to hold on to the coffee table, but she really didn't like it before. I guess taking her first steps has made her a brave little girl! haha.

It's one big accomplishment after another here. So proud of my little girl!!

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