Saturday, February 6, 2010

NEW SITE!!!!!!!!

Ok, so as you can tell, I DID NOT do so good at keeping this site updated :) I published some entries that I had been working on to get it updated, but then again got behind and just decided that this was not for me. So, you can see up till 9 months now on here.

Well, now I've found a new adventure and a site that I like much better. I've now set up a website from shutterfly where you can keep up with Madi and us. It's a lot easier for me to use and I'm on it more, so it'll be easier for me to keep updated. We'll see how that goes :) There is a time lapse, but I'm posting all pictures on the new site, so if you want you can at least go back and watch her grow.

Here is the new site...

If you can't view it, or if it asks you for a password, leave me a comment on here to let me know and I will fix it. I hope I've set it up right so that doesn't happen :)

We love you all!
Melanie, Scott, and Madi :)

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