Friday, October 31, 2008

Our "Hot Stuff" Chili Pepper

Hey there! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. I got a little let down with mine, but seeing Madi all dressed up made it all better :) I went and got my hair cut today, and fittingly it was done on Halloween cuz it's a little scary! :) Really the girl did a good job, she just misunderstood me about wanting LONGER bangs cut around my face and now they are SHORT!! They are in my face all the time now! haha. Oh well, at least my hair grows fast :) Well, I was really excited about handing out candy to the kids this year with Madi, but that was shot down. We had all of 2 trick-or-treaters ALL night! Sad for me! I never handed out candy in B'ham, so I was excited about doing it here cuz there are tonz of kids in the neighborhood, but I guess since we are in the new part of the neighborhood that's just being built up, people really didn't make it down that far. Maybe next year will be better.

Madilyn made up for all that though being dressed in her costume :) She was too cute. Of course it was a little big, but we made it work :) She didn't too much like the hat, but she tolerated it long enough for me to get some cute pics :) It's sooo much fun having a little one to dress up :) hee hee.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bath Time

Madi still loves her bath time. You can see it in her eyes and expressions that she just loves being in the warm water. She still likes having her back washed too. I love being able to give her a bath cuz I get to see so many cute expressions :) Can you tell I'm a little giddy about bath time! haha. The sad part is having to get her out of the tub :) She does NOT like that part and she definitely lets me know it. haha.

Her new thing now is standing. She LOVES to stand. It's funny cuz when I try to sit her up in the tub or to burp her, she straightens out her legs to stand. She won't bend them :) I've had to learn how to hold her and burp her while she stands! She does it with Scott too when he's feeding her. It makes it difficult for him to get her burped, but he's done great :) We both just laugh about it now.

Pumpkin Patch

Hey everyone. How exciting it didn't take me another month to make an update :) hee hee. Well, it has been busy these past 3 weeks around the Russell household. We have been in our houe for 2 1/2 weeks now and we have been busy unpacking and decorating. It's coming along slowly, but surely. It's a little more difficult to get things done when there's a baby in the picture. She only allows you to do a little work at a time before she wants the attention :) Madi really has done well with all the changes she has been through.

So, this past Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, my parents were in town. They came and brought stuff we had packed and stored at their house and they brought Madilyn's furniture. My parents gift to us was her furniture, so they had the chance to bring it to us this week. What a gracious and wonderful present. Madi now has her own bed for the very first time!! She doesn't have to sleep in the Pack-n-Play or on a palate on the floor any more! :) My dad put Madi's furniture together while he was here and he helped me and Scott hang a few things around the house. My mom babysat which was a BIG help! I got to do more cuz I knew Madi was being watched after. My mom also organized Madi's room and got her bedding on her crib while Scott and I were out running an errand one day. What a blessing and big help they have been to us! It was great to have them here for a few days.

I'm still adjusting to not being close to them, but it has been ok cuz we see them and Scott's parents once a month when we go to the Auburn game. We make a stop in Atlanta and spend the night to break up the trip for Madi. Madilyn is a GREAT little traveler!! She does so well in the car for so long. It has been nice for us to get to go to Auburn to a few games. I've even got to go into the games cuz my mom demands to babysit! :)

Well, why my parents were here, my mom and I took Madi over to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out a pumpkin for her first Halloween. She was a real trooper with all the picture taking and bright sun. We have her Halloween costume picked out. I'll keep that a secret until Halloween :)

Here are pics from the Pumpkin Patch. I'll put pictures up of Madi's room as soon as I get the last little bit organized.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Finally...Another update!

Hey everyone! I can't believe how long it's been since I updated this!! I guess that's what happens when your life is in chaos with no organization! Hopefully it will start getting better now. Well, since the last update a LOT has happened. We moved from the RV park after one of the nurse practitioners Scott works with offered to let us live with her and her husband until our house was finished. She and her husband are truly a God send!!!! We couldn't be more grateful for what they did for us!! Fran and John were definitely put in our lives at the right time! Fran has been great helping me with Madi too. I'm so very lucky to have such wonderful people around me!!

Madilyn is now TWO months old! She had her two month check-up and she weighed 9lb 10oz and was 22in long. She also got her shots...3 in all! She was soooo pitiful! It was very sad! It's amazing to watch her grow. She's smiling now and cooing :) She loves, loves to kick!! She is always moving when she's awake :) She likes to sit up in her bobby and watch football now :) She's very content for a while in it :) For a while she didn't like to sit by herself anywhere, but as she's getting older, she's doing better with that. She's also now been to her first Auburn games! She and I went to the Southern Miss game and then Scott got to go with us to the LSU game. Madi and I got to go to a game earlier than we were going to to because of the weather and my dad had to come get the motorhome when Hurricane Hannah came through at the beginning of September, so since Scott was working, I went back to Montgomery with my dad for a few days and we went to Auburn. Our first family trip to Auburn was the LSU game. We had a good time even though Auburn lost. I have gotten to go into the games cuz my mom has stayed in the motorhome with Madi during the games. She took that job without any arm twisting! :)

Now for the biggest news.......WE HAVE MOVED INTO OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! We closed on our house Monday Sept 29th and the movers came that afternoon. We are slowly getting it all organized. It's been rough sometimes trying to keep Madi happy and get things set up. We are getting things the way we want them though. We are soooo excited to be in our very own house with all of our things!! Now we don't have to live out of suitcases anymore or live in the "trailer park"! :)

Well, I will post pics later. Madi is waking up and she's hungry, so I gotta go. I'll do pics when she takes another nap.

Love to all!!!